Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to Extend System Partition (C Partition) Server 2003

Do you know system partition can be expanded by professional tool? Do you need a Windows Server 2003 system partition resizing software to extend system partition? If so, you can free download system partition resizer Server that can help you extend Server 2003 system partition within a short time.

Why Do You Need to Extend Server 2003 C Partition?
A Server computer is usually used by company or enterprise because it is more secure and stable. Users often need to extend system partition on Server 2003 when they receive low disk space warning, since when the system partition is running out of space, the computer may run slowly due to limited disk space for use. In this situation, users will need to extend the system partition in order to ensure the computer to run normally.


How to Extend System Partition Windows Server 2003 Step by Step?
Step1. Free download, install and run system partition resizer Server. Right click a disk partition that has lots of free disk space and select "Resize/Move" option.
Step2. Move the arrow to shrink the selected disk space and the free disk space will be shown as unallocated volume.
Step3. Move the unallocated volume next to the system partition and right click the system partition. Select "Resize/Move" option.
Step4. Move the arrow to extend the system partition and then click "Apply Changes" option. Computer will be rebooted in order to finish the system partition resizing.

Unique Features - Why Can You Choose System Partition Resizer Server?
There are lots of system partition resizing programs, but system partition resizer Server has unique features which make it become the best and only partition manager for Windows Server 2003.
1. System partition resizer Server is easy to use and effective. This software provides simple interface so that any user can handle it easily. After you run the software, it is able to extend system partition effectively within a short time.

2. System partition resizer Server provides 100% safety guarantee and it is reliable. Compared with other similar software, this software is 100% safe since it doesn’t cause any damage to or system. Even you turn off the computer or close the program in the system partition resizing process, the system will be restored to the original state.

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