Thursday, November 28, 2013

Server 2003 Resize System Partition

System partition is running out of space on Server 2003?
What will you do when there is no more free space on system partition?
Deleting files from the system partition?
Moving files to other partitions which has more free space?
How much space can you free by deleting or moving files?
It is not a clever method and the system partition will be running out of space soon by doing so. If you want to free lots of space on your system partition, why don’t extend the partition by using partition magic tool?

Extend System Partition Server 2003 Free
It is not easy to extend system partition on Server 2003 unless you can rely on third-party partition magic tool. System partition resizer Server is a professional partition magic tool that can meet all Server 2003 users’ demands. Before extending the system partition, you need to shrink some free space from other partitions. When using the software, it won’t modify or delete files from the partition so you don’t need to worry data loss.

Steps on Resizing Server 2003 System Partition
To make it much easier to extend your system partition, here is the step-by-step guide on how to use system partition resizer Server.

Step1. Run system partition resizer Server and right click on any of other partition that has lots of free space to squeeze free space.
Step2. Move the free space close to the system partition. Right click on the system partition and select "Resize/Move" option. Move the arrow from left to right to extend the system partition.
Step3. Click "Apply Changes" button to extend the system partition.

Tips on Server 2003 System Partition Resizing
1. You need to squeeze free disk space from other partition, so you can use the free disk space to extend the system partition.
2. You need to move the free disk space close to the system partition in order to resize the system partition.
3. Computer will be restarted in order to extend the system partition. Therefore, you had better close other unnecessary applications before computer is turned off.

Related Information
Question: "My Windows Server 2003 is showing low disk space on C when I boot my computer. I find that my C drive only has 600 MB free space, so I want to extend the partition. I have searched for some partition magic tool online, but most of them cannot work on Server 2003. Some people advice me to delete some unnecessary files from the drive, but all data stored on this drive are very important. How can increase the C drive?"

Solution: When Windows shows low disk space message, the best way is to extend the system partition. In order to increase C drive, system partition resizer Server can extend the C drive so as to solve the low disk space problem easily and thoroughly.

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