Friday, November 29, 2013

Resize OS Partition Server 2003

Server 2003 is a Windows operating system that appeals to many business users. Like other Windows operating system, OS partition Server 2003 is also the most important part of disk partition that is to install Windows operating system and save operating system programs or files. However, when a computer has been used for a long time, the OS partition may don’t have enough free space to install new program or files. When OS partition is running out of space, or when receiving system warning low disk space, it may require you to resize OS partition on your Server 2003.

The Tool That Helps You Resize OS Partition
There are lots of partition magic tools, but not all of them are available for Windows Server 2003. In addition, some unreliable tools may cause data loss from your partition. So it is quite important to select a reliable and powerful partition magic tool to resize the OS partition.

Partition magic Server can resize OS partition on Windows Server 2003 effectively and keep the data on the OS partition intact. It is easy-to-use and 100% safe Server 2003 partition manager software. The only disadvantage of the software is that the computer will be rebooted in order to accomplish the system resizing.

How to Extend OS Partition Server 2003?
Step1. Right click on any of other partition and select "Resize/Move" option to produce free space.

Step2. Move free unallocated space close to OS partition. Right click on OS partition and select "Resize/Move" option. Then move the arrow to resize the OS partition.

Step3. Click "Apply Changes" button to extend the partition.

Step4. After rebooting computer, the OS partition will be expanded.

More Features of Partition Magic Server

  • Partition magic Server is effective partition magic software
  • 100% safe guaranteed, risk-free from any virus and spyware
  • The software is effective, which enables you to extend OS partition in a short time
  • By using this software, it doesn’t change or delete any file from disk partition

FAQS on OS Partition Server 2003 Resizing
1. I need to extend the OS partition that has Windows Server 2003 OS installed. Anybody has any suggestion on what should I do to extend the OS partition without deleting any data?

2. What should be the best solution when system shows low disk space problem on my Server 2003 OS? The C drive is running out of space, but I cannot delete any file from the drive because all of them are quite important to me. How can I increase the C drive?

3. I have a Windows Server 2003 OS installed on my computer. Now, the C drive doesn’t have enough disk space to save more data, so the system often says C drive is running out of space. I want to rely on a third-party partition magic tool, but I cannot find a reliable one that convinces me it is the one to use. Please give me suggestion. Thanks a lot!

It may cause a lot of trouble when OS partition doesn’t have enough space. In this situation, the best choice is to use Partition magic Server Server to expand the OS partition.

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