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Top Free Disk Partition Software for Windows Server 2003

When you open "My Computer" on Server 2003, you can see several disk partitions such as C: drive, D: drive, E: drive and F: drive, etc. People often like to repartition the hard disk when they find some disk partitions are running out of disk space. In fact, you only need to extend the disk partition to maximize it. No matter you want to extend a system partition (C: drive) or other disk partitions (E: drive, D: drive, and F: drive, etc), you can use the same method.

What Is the Method to Extend Disk Partition on Server 2003?
If you want to extend a system volume or disk partition on Windows Server 2003, I would like to introduce a professional partition software to help you. Disk partition software Server is a powerful and excellent partition manager utility to help you extend, shrink and move disk partitions. It has simple and user-friendly interface, so you can easily handle this software to resize disk partition or system partition on Server 2003. It can protect data stored on disk partition from being deleted or destroyed in the resizing process.

How to Extend Disk Partition on Sever 2003?
Step1. Disk partition software Server is available for anyone to free download. Install the software on your computer and run it. Right click a disk partition that has much more free disk space and select "Resize/Move" option.
Step2. Move the arrow to shrink the selected disk partition so that you can produce a free disk partition which will be shown as an unallocated volume.
 The free disk space shown as an unallocated volume

Step3. Move the unallocated volume close to the disk partition you want to extend. Right click the disk partition you want to extend and choose "Resize/Move" option.
Step4. Move the arrow to increase the size of selected disk partition.
Step5. Click "Apply Changes" option to apply all changes to the disk partitions.

Tips for Disk Partition Resizing Server 2003
1. You must move the free disk space close to the disk partition that you want to extend. You can only move the free disk space step by step. For example, if the free disk space is near F: drive, but you want to extend C: drive, you should move the free disk space close to E drive firstly, and then move the free disk space close to D: drive, finally you can move the free disk space close to C drive.
2. The software can protect data stored on disk partition, so you don’t move any data from the disk partition or backup data before resizing.

How to Move Free Disk Partition?
It is quite easy to move the free disk partition. For instance, if the free disk partition is shown as unallocated volume on the right side of F: drive and you want to move it close to E: drive, you can right click F: drive and select "Resize/Move" option, and then move the partition rightward when you see the arrow is shown as .

Then click "OK" option and the unallocated volume will be moved to the right side of E drive.

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