Friday, December 13, 2013

Solution for C Drive Full Server 2003

C Drive Getting Full on Server 2003
Windows Server is important for data management and maintenance in a computer. Server 2003 is the most widely used Server in different companies for its good performance. However, it brings much trouble for Server 2003 users when its C drive is full or running out of space. Since C drive is often marked as the first partition on computer’s hard disk, which is used to install system programs and data, it is necessary to ensure that C drive has enough free disk space.

Solution to Increase C Drive on Server 2003
As C drive is out of space on Server 2003, you need to find a solution to increase C drive space. Server 2003 C drive resizer provides data protection to help you extend C drive on Server 2003. As a professional and all-in-one partition software, it works on any brand of hard disks, RAID 5 and hardware RAID 5. It is totally safe to help you extend C drive even computer is shut download in the resizing process.

Step by Step Instruction to Extend C drive on Server 2003
Step1. Start Server 2003 C drive resizer. Right click a disk partition that has much free disk space and go to "Resize/Move" option.
Step2. Move the arrow to shrink the selected disk partition. The free disk will be marked as unallocated disk.
Step3. Right click C drive and select "Resize/Move" option. Drag the arrow rightward to extend C drive.
Step4. Click "Apply Changes" option to get C drive expanded.

Is It Possible to Extend RAID 5 on Server 2003?
Server 2003 C drive resizer is also a reliable and easy-to-use partition tool which works perfectly on hardware RAID and RAID 5 without losing any data.
RAID is a storage technology that stores the same data to different places on several hard disks. RAID 5 is a technology that has great level of storage performance, data security and storage cost. Therefore, it is quite important to find a safe and reliable partition tool that supports RAID 5.

Main Features of Server 2003 C drive resizer

  • Extend, shrink and move NTFS file system partition and FAT file system partition
  • All brands of hard drives supported
  • All hardware RAID and RAID 5 supported
  • Protect system from being crashed if computer is switched off in partition resizing process
  • Efficiently, safe, reliable and easy to use

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