Thursday, December 5, 2013

Resize Server 2003 C Drive / Resize OS Partition Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 is usually used by enterprise or company, so more data or applications will be stored on Server 2003. In this situation, the disk drive may run out of space more frequently than Windows home edition. Have you ever suffered low disk space problem of C drive on Windows Server 2003? Do you want to increase the C drive when you meet this kind of problem? Have you gotten the useful method to resize Server 2003 C drive? C drive resizer Server is the best partition magic tool for you to solve low disk space problem on C drive.

How Does C Drive Resizer Server Work?

C drive resizer Server is able to help you extend the C drive to a large volume so that you can resolve low disk space problem of C drive easily. Before you extending the C drive, it doesn’t require you to delete original data from the partition. However, since the size of the whole hard disk drive doesn’t change, in order to extend the C drive, it requires you to shrink a free space from other partition. In another word, you always need to create a free disk space first before you can extend the C drive. By using C drive resizer Server, you can not only decrease disk partition, but also you can shrink a disk partition.

Step-by-Step Guide to Resize C Drive
Step1. Free download and install C drive resizer Server. Launch the software and right click a disk partition that has lots of free space. Then select the "Resize/Move" option.

Step2. Move the arrow to decrease a free space from the selected disk partition. Then you can see the free disk space will be shown as an unallocated volume.

Step3. Move the unallocated volume to close to the C drive. Right click C drive and choose "Resize/Move" option. Move the arrow to decrease the C drive.

Step4. Click "Apply Changes" and the C drive will be expanded after rebooting the computer.

For more information about guide on resizing C drive, please visit Disk Partition Resize Server 2003

Is It Secure to Resize C Drive?
Imagining if you can delete all files stored on C drive, you won’t feel helpless when you receive low disk space warning. However, the reason why most users feel helpless when they encounter low disk space problem on C drive is that they don’t want to delete any data from the disk drive. Then, some users may doubt if it is secure to use C drive resizer Server. Will it cause data loss from the disk drive? Well, there is no need to worry because it is 100% safe to use this software. It won’t delete or modify any data on the C drive after you resize the disk drive. Even if the computer turns off without any warning, files will still be intact on the drive.

Related Cases
1. The C drive is running low on space on my Windows Server 2003. The D drive on the same computer still has a lot of free disk space. So I wonder if I can find a way to merge these two partitions into one partition. Or if I can move the free space from D drive to C drive so that I can make C drive much larger.
2. I am running Server 2003 and there is not enough space on the C drive. What should I do to extend the drive? Should I delete some files from the C drive? Or should I backup the C drive before solving the low disks space problem.

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