Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to Expand Disk Partitions on Server 2003

As you know, any computer including Server 2003 usually contains several disk partitions. When we say extend disk partition, it often means to extend the system partition because it plays an important part on computer. When other disk partitions are running of space, system will prevent you from storing more data to the disk partitions. However, if the C drive is running out of space, it may affect the speed and performance of your computer. What is worse, it may cause system breakdown. Therefore, it is quite necessary to extend C drive when it shows low disk space warning. How can you expand system partition on Server 2003?

Extend C Drive to Solve Low Disk Space Problem
In order to extend C drive, you can free download disk partition software which is professional and all-in-one partition software for Server computers. As long as your hard disk drive has enough free disk space, you can add as more free space as possible to the C drive. You don’t need to move or copy files from C drive, since the disk partition software is 100% safe which will not delete any data from the disk partition. You can free download the software and extend the C drive easily.

4 Steps to Extend System Partition
Step1. Right click any other disk partition and select "Resize/Move" option. You had better select a disk partition which has much free disk space.
Step2. When you see the arrows, move the arrow and decrease the disk partitions to create a free volume.
Step3. Move the free disk volume next to the system partition and select "Resize/Move" option. Move arrows to extend the system partition.
Step4. Click "Apply Changes" option to get system partition extended.
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Increase Other Disk Partitions
Disk partition software can not only extend C drive, but it can also extend other disk partitions without deleting any file. Anyway, whether you want to increase a C drive or other disk partition, you need to create a free disk space firstly. In another word, you always need to shrink a disk partition before you can extend another partition because the whole capacity of hard disk drive doesn’t change.

Windows Server 2003 SBS Resizing
Windows Server 2003 SBS, namely Windows Small Business Server 2003 is a solution, which aims to provide more feature functions for small companies. Disk partition software enables Windows Server 2003 SBS users to resize disk partitions without data loss or system breakdown.

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