Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fix "Low Disk Space" Warning in Server 2003 SBS

How many solutions do you know if you want to solve low disk space problem on C drive in Server 2003? Deleting data from C drive? Erasing the system partition? Moving data from C drive to another disk partition? Of course no! All of these solutions are not good for fixing low disk space warning on your C drive, because it may cause data loss when you move data. If all data stored on C drive are important, you cannot delete them either. If you want to avoid receiving low disk space warning on C drive in Server 2003 SBS, but you don’t want to lose any data, you had better extend the C drive.

Extend C Drive to Fix Low Disk Space Warning Thoroughly
                                                           Extend C Drive on SBS 2003 now!
When C drive is running out of disk space, no other method can solve this problem thoroughly except that you can extend the partition. The easiest and safest way to extend a C drive is to use partition magic tool partition software Server. Since C drive is usually marked as the system partition, which is quite important on a Server, it is essential to protect data stored on C drive when resizing the partition. Partition software Server is a professional partition magic for Server OS, which enables you to extend C drive without deleting any data from the disk or causing any damage to the system.

Follow the Steps to Extend C Drive on Server 2003 SBS
Step1. You can free download the partition software Server and install it on your computer. Launch the software and right click the disk partition that has much free disk space, and the select the "Resize/Move" option.
Step2. Move the arrow to shrink the disk partition and you can see a free disk partition. The free disk partition is shown as unallocated volume.
Step3. Right click C drive and select "Resize/Move" option.
Step4. Move the arrow to enlarge the size of C drive, and then click "Apply Changes" option.
You need to reboot computer in order to get C drive extended. Once computer is restarted, you can see C drive is extended successfully.

Pay Attention
First of all, you need to produce a free disk so that you can add it to C drive to get the system partition extended. In another word, if all disk partitions on Server are full, you cannot extend any disk partition because there is no free disk space.
In addition, partition software Server is to extend C drive from other free disk space, so it doesn’t require you to delete any data from any disk partition.
Further more, usually you need to reboot computer to accomplish the C drive resizing, so you had better close all unnecessary programs, files and sites before running the software.

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