Thursday, December 19, 2013

Solution for Windows Server 2003 Low Disk Space Warning

A hard disk drive is usually partitioned into several disk partitions on a computer, among which there is a system partition that is used to store system applications and data. However, even if the hard disk drive has a large capacity, you cannot ensure the system partition always has enough disk space. Especially for Windows Server 2003 computer, it needs an enough system volume to save data because Server 2003 is often used by company. When Windows Server 2003 doesn’t have enough disk space on system partition, you may receive low disk space warning:

"You are running out of disk space on C drive. To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here…" Then you will need to extend the system partition to ensure the proper running of the Server.

Possible Ways to Solve Server 2003 Low Disk Space Problem
1. Delete unnecessary files
You can delete unnecessary files from system partition or remove some files to other disk partitions. However, when you delete files from system partition, you may mistakenly delete important files. Even worse, you may delete Windows files which you are not familiar with. If you delete Windows files from system partition, your computer may stop running properly.

2. Clean up system partition.
You can right click C drive and select Disk Cleanup option to clean up the system partition. After cleaning up system partition, it can remove the unnecessary files. However, it can only free up a few disk space.

3. Extend system partition
If you want to solve the Server 2003 low disk space problem thoroughly, the useful method is to extend the system volume Server 2003.

How to Extend System Partition Server 2003?
You cannot extend system partition directly on Windows Server 2003 unless you can use partition software. Partition software is able to help you extend Server 2003 system volume without deleting any data from the disk. It provides 100% safe guarantee to help you increase system partition without causing any damage to system even the resizing process is stopped due to some reasons. You can free download the software and launch it on your Server 2003, and then follow the steps below to extend C drive simply.

Step1. When you launch the software, it will display all disk partitions and show the used space about each disk partition. Right click a disk partition, which has the most free disk space and select "Resize/Move" option.
Step2. Move arrow to decrease the selected partition to create a free disk space, which will be shown as unallocated volume.
Step3. Move the unallocated disk space close to system volume and right click system partition. Then select "Resize/Move" option.
Step4. Move arrow to add the free disk space to the system volume and then click "Apply Changes" option to get system partition expanded.

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