Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Resize Windows SBS 2003 System Partition

Windows SBS 2003 is highly recommended for businessmen because it has a good performance. However, Windows SBS 2003 has limitations when users want to resize its disk partitions since the system doesn’t have a built-in partition resizing function. Therefore, if users want to resize the disk partitions on a Windows SBS 2003, they many need to use professional partition software.

Select Reliable Partition Software for System Partition Resizing
When you want to select a partition software to resize system partition, you should take several aspects into consideration.

1. You should consider if the software is 100% safe. Otherwise, it may cause system breakdown.
2. You should consider if the software can protect all data stored on the hard disk drive, no matter it is the data stored on system partition or other disk partitions.
3. You should consider if you can easily handle the software. Otherwise, it may take a long time to learn how to use the software.
4. You should consider how much time you will need to resize the system partition by using the software you select. If you need to spend a long time (server hours or even more) to resize a system partition, you may suffer system breakdown or data loss due to unexpected factors in the process.

All above, partition manager is a good choice since it provides 100% safe method to help SBS 2003 Server users resize system partition effectively and easily. It allows users to extend, shrink and move disk partitions without deleting any data from the hard disk drive. It also provides safe method to protect the Server system from being destroyed even if you turn off the computer by accident before system partition resizing is completed. Partition manager is available for all Server 2003 users to free download.

Increase System Partition within 4 Steps
Step1. Suppose you have installed the partition manager on your Server SBS 2003. Start the software, right click the disk partition close to the system partition and go to "Resize/Move" option. If the disk partition close to system partition doesn’t have enough disk space, you can select other disk partition that has much free space.
Step2. Move the arrow to decease the disk partition and the free space will be shown as unallocated disk.
Step3. Move the free disk space next to the system partition. Right click the system partition and select "Resize/Move" option. Move the arrow to increase the system partition.
Step4. Select "Apply Changes" option and the system partition will be expanded when computer is rebooted.

Main Features

  • The software is available for users to free download
  • By using this software, users can resize system partitions and other disk partitions.
  • Users can extend, shrink and move disk partitions by relying on this software.
  • The software is free from any risk and it is 100% safe for data stored on disk drive and system.
  • Users can resize disk partitions with fast speed without deleting any data from the disk.

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