Sunday, January 5, 2014

SBS 2003 Server C Drive Running out of Space

Windows SBS 2003 Server is a perfect choice for small business company because it provides much more excellent functions. However, since all programs and core services are running on a single Server, the SBS 2003 Server C drive (system partition) tends to run out of disk space easily. When there is not enough free disk space on C drive, system will pop up low disk space warning and ask you to free up disk space by deleting or removing data. Some people would like to free up disk space by using Windows cleanup tool, but it will takes a long time to only get little free disk space and the same low disk space warning may pop up again soon.

Free Resize C Drive on Server SBS 2003

If you don’t want Server pops up low disk alert on C drive frequently, you need to extend C drive with partition magic utility. C drive resizer Server helps you resize C drive on SBS 2003 with several steps. This partition magic tool is not only a partition resizer for C drive, but also a disk partition utility for any disk partition. It allows you to extend, shrink and move disk partition efficiently. C drive resizer Server ensures 100% data security to resize C drive on Server SBS 2003. You can free download the software and enjoy its powerful functions.

How to Resize SBS 2003 C Drive?
Before you can extend C drive, you need to produce an unallocated volume from another partition that has lots of free disk space. For example, if F drive still has a lot of free disk space, you can shrink F drive to extend C drive. Now, let’s learn the detailed steps below.
Step1. Run the software. Right click F drive and select "Resize/Move" option.

Step2. Shrink F drive when you see the mouse shows arrow symbol to produce an unallocated disk.

Step3. Move the unallocated disk in between to make it close to C drive. Right click C drive and select "Resize/Move" option.

Step4. Extend C drive to make it larger.

Step5. Click "Apply Changes" option.

More Information: Move Partition on SBS 2003
In order to add free disk space to C drive, you must move the free disk space close to C drive. For the situation above, if you want to shrink F drive to produce an unallocated volume, how can you move the unallocated volume close to C drive? Well, when you shrink F drive, the unallocated volume will be located near F drive. Therefore, you need to move the unallocated volume near to C drive step by step. Firstly, you need to move it close to E drive, and then move it close to D drive, and finally you can move it close to C drive. 

1. The software is completely secure, which will not cause any data loss on your disk.
2. When you want to extend a disk partition, you must shrink another partition from the same hard disk.

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