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Partition Magic Software for Windows Server 2003

Many Windows Server 2003 users often use command prompt tool to manage partitions on their computer. However, on the one hand, command prompt tool is complicated to handle. On the other handle, command prompt tool is unable to help you resize a partition when it is running out of disk space. If you want to repartition the hard disk, you may face data security threats. Is there any other way to solve this problem? Is it possible to resize a partition without data loss?

Free Partition Magic Software to Resize Disk Partition on Server 2003

In fact, you don’t need to repartition or redistribute the disk. You can resize the disk partition with help of partition magic software. This software is an excellent and powerful partition magic manager that can work perfectly under Windows Server 2003 32&64 bit. The main functions of partition magic software include extend partition, shrink partition and move partition. The software supports various file system including FAT 32, NTFS and more. The advantage of this software is that it can protect disk data and system from being destroyed in the resizing process.

Resize System Partition with Partition Magic for Server 2003
An unallocated volume is required to extend a system partition. No unallocated volume? You need to produce an unallocated volume from another partition. Now, let’s share how to resize system partition with partition magic for Server 2003.
Step1. Free download the partition magic software. Install and launch the software on your Server. Right click the partition that has the most free disk space and choose "Resize/Move" option.

Step2. Shrink the selected partition and the free disk space will be shown as an unallocated volume.

Step3. Move the arrow near to system partition. Right click system partition and select "Resize/Move" option.

Step4. Increase the system partition and click "OK" option.

Step5. Click "Apply Changes" option.

Can I Stop the Resizing Process before It Is Finished?
Yes, you can stop at any time you want. If you make mistake in the resizing process, you can also undo the changes. If you want to stop in the resizing process, you just need to click “Cancel" option and all changes will not be applied. Will it affect data stored on the disk? No! It does no harm to all data on the partition. What’s more, no matter you stop the resizing process manually or due to computer shut down, the software can prevent data from being deleted or lost from the partition. It can also avoid system breakdown by using this software.

Questions about Low Disk Space Warning on Server 2003
1. I receive low disk space alert on C: drive on my Server 2003. Somebody advised me to repartition the hard disk, but I am afraid that it will cause data loss. So I want to know if there is a way, with which I can solve the low disk space problem without losing data.
2. I have downloaded a partition magic to resize the system partition, but I don’t know if it will cause data loss by using this software. I am wondering if I need to backup the system partition before I resize it.

Well, for the questions above, users can use partition magic software. This software can help users resize any disk partition without deleting data.

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