Friday, April 25, 2014

Partition Software for Windows Server 2003

It is very necessary to allocate reasonable disk space to each partition on Windows Server 2003, but the truth doesn’t always go as you wish. Some partition especially system partition may run out of disk space in Windows Server 2003 due to unreasonable allocating of disk space. However, the function of Windows 2003 built-in Disk Management is not perfect, which is unable to reallocate disk space unless you repartition the hard drive. However as you know, repartition hard disk would lead data on the disk to be erased. Diskpart command, as another built-in tool on Windows Server 2003, also has limitations if you want to reallocate disk space. Therefore, only partition software is the best choice if you want to reallocate disk space on Windows Server 2003 without repartitioning or reinstalling. With partition software, you are able to resize disk partition which is running out of disk space without repartitioning the hard disk or erasing disk data.

Partition Software for Server 2003 Free Download

Among so much partition software for Windows Server 2003, partition software works quite perfectly. It enables you to reallocate disk space to any partition without repartitioning disk or reformatting the disk partition, but it is to resize the partition so as to increase its size to get rid of low disk space problem on the partition. Partition software allows you to extend a disk partition, shrink a partition and move unallocated partition. It can resize both system partition and data partition without any limitation.

Steps to Extend System Partition in Windows Server 2003
Step1. Download, install and run partition software on computer. Right click a partition that has large free disk space and go to "Resize/Move" option.
Step2. Shrink the selected partition by moving arrow, and then you can see a free disk which will be shown as unallocated volume.
Step3. Move the unallocated volume close to system partition. Right click system partition and click "Resize/Move" option.
Step4. Move the arrow to increase the size of system partition. Then click "Apply" button to get system partition extended.

Resize System Partition SBS 2003
SBS 2003 is a version of Windows Server 2003, so partition software can also work on SBS 2003 Server to extend system partition. When using the software, it doesn’t affect the performance of the SBS Server system or cause any trouble. It only resizes the disk partition on your computer. No matter you want to extend system partition on SBS 2003, Windows Server 2003 or other Server operating system, free disk space is always needed on the same hard disk. You may shrink the partition that has large free disk space to create an unallocated volume, so you can add the unallocated volume to the system partition on your SBS 2003.

Resize NTFS and FAT32 Partition without Reformatting Hard Disk
Partition software is a partition tool, which can extend or shrink disk partition on all Windows OS. Whether it is a NTFS partition or FAT32 partition, partition software is able to resize the partition without reformatting the hard disk. Therefore, data stored on the hard disk will remain intact during the resizing or after resizing. 

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